Avaware Network

Avaware.Network is our primary network site and yield farming application. Users can use our pools to stake liquidity tokens and earn a return on the Avaware tokens they hold. IFOs will also be hosted on Avaware.Network, allowing token holders to get in on the ground floor of new projects launching on the Avalanche network.

Avalanche Today

Avalanche.Today provides quality news and project information to the Avalanche ecosystem. Our marketing and project promotion services deliver unmatchable results because we match your project directly with the audience interested in learning about it. A portion of the revenue from Avalanche.Today is used for our buy back program to make sure the Avaware token grows in value over time.

Avaware Dice

AVE-Dice.com is a fun game of luck where users can choose to invest and be the house or roll and try to win big. The application has a ton of fun features such as a jackpot, community chat, faucet, rankings, and more. Stop by and try your luck or invest your AVE and be the house. Chat and network with other users from the AVE and Avalanche ecosystem, and most importantly, have fun!

Avadoria Online

Avadoria.Online (In development) is one of the first projects we have planned on our road map. A medieval time based strategy game. Make your name known and gather resources as your build your empire from the ground up. Collect all the rarest items and make your empire stand above them all. Featuring tradeable NFTs, upgradeable buildings, and PVP combat, you'll need to form alliances and strategize with your team to come out on top.


ENEFTEA.market (In development) will go hand in hand with our game NFTs, giving players a place to buy and sell game assets on the Avalanche network. Creators will also find homage as they gleefully setup shop and categorize their warez, mint new NFTs on to the network, and browse the marketplace to find art, game items, and other rare and unique pieces of digital media curated by the Avalanche community.